Thursday, October 22, 2015

bad days

ah!! Conedy! Open mic is fun. A place to try stuff out. I'd been doing the same stuff for a while now, but the whole time kicking myself for not having new material.

In my other world as a storyteller, I've been learning all about the need to be true to myself and vulnerable. Last night I learned it can work in comedy, too. Even talking about bad days. This video starts with whining a little about how rough my life has been, which I'd been feeling the last couple days.

In the end, my nature is to just pick up and move on. Mom taught me that. when she would tell us to clean up a mess. Like all kids, the instant reply was "...but I didn't make the mess!"

She just said, "I didn't ask how the mess got here, I asked you to clean it up!" The focus isn't on blame, or how I got where I am -- the focus is on what do I do now!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Wednesday night open mic at Wiseguys Comedy in West Valley City, UT! Mic drop! Mixing up the jokes!

All my videos are up on my YouTube channel: a t.rex walks in...