Thursday, May 30, 2019

open mics in Olympia

I didn't get any recordings this week. I did go to two different open mics this week. I just got home from the second, and decided I should at least write about them if I don't get a recording.

Last night was Vomity. The camera guy Cameron who had been there for some time has scheduling problems now, so I'm back to recording my own sets. I told two old standby bits.. New Relationship and Gadget Guy. They went really well, and some of the opening and in-between stuff was newer, but nothing stands out now as particularly amazing. I did apparently impress a dude who spoke with me for some time after. He was a little drunk, but it was definitely a confidence booster that he was so impressed with my stuff.

Tonight was my second time at a new mic called 710 Show. It's in Lacey, at the Green Lady weed shop. After everyone does a set, we did some workshop type stuff.. trying really new material.. asking and answering questions.. generally discussing comedy and stuff. I hemmed and hawed a bit, but did the same set as last night. I then told the good news/bad news story about the son who lost horses, found new ones, broke his leg, then missed out getting drafted for war. People had heard the story, but thought generally there was hope for livening it up into more funny versions. After others had their turn I told the one I've told before about the Arms Party where I ended up stuck with small arms. It was a fun night.

I'm thinking I need or would like to try really rough material at the Thursday workshop style open mic and then work on the material all week until the Wednesday mic. That would put me working on spicing up the good luck/bad luck story some and keeping it fast at three minutes. Let's see how that goes!