Wednesday, October 17, 2018

fat man sees a doctor

This is from Vomity in Olympia, WA on Oct 17, 2018. I think I'll try posting my set notes and seeing how I did compared to what I wanted...

elephant in the room.. my butt
wore these camo shorts to hide
plus black stripe is vertical.. slimming
but if you look close, you might like?

and yes I'm using the stool
can’t even stand up 3 minutes
definitely not 6 if I run the light

I parked 2 blocks away
had to keep sitting to rest
probably ought to shave
made $20 just getting here

so.... gaining weight

went to the doctor for ideas
she said it's bad
.. diabetes.. morbidly obese
.. physical therapy for walking

kidding me? I'm disabled?

that'll be confusing
.. like this

popcorn story with Tom

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