Wednesday, June 5, 2019

dreaming of geese

Technology sucks! I've had the same audio recording app on several phones in a row now, but it really doesn't like the new phone. I really just needed to change some settings, but didn't catch all of them even last night. I got a recording last night at Vomity, but when I turned the screen off and put the phone in my pocket, it muted the mic, as well.

I started talking about my being sick with a head cold and how that's really similar to being drunk or high. The guy before me made dead baby jokes in a song, so I started with how glad I was I had no kids.. because if they were boys, they'd be sons of Mitch! HA! I know.. whatever.

Then I tried telling about the goose dream I had where Ken and I stopped to pee and my keys flipped out of my hand and off towards some geese. For some reason, one started running towards the keys and I knew I wouldn't get there in time. I was able to step on the string part of my key ring, but the goose broke the key off and swallowed it anyway. I told Ken, but he was still busy and thought I was making up crap anyway. I looked back and thought I had lost the key-eater in the flock, but one of them started throwing up. I didn't know how I'd reach down to pick up the key, but as I thought or said that, the goose ejected the key right by my knee so I could just pull it out of his mouth.

Weird, right? That's what they all said, too.

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