Wednesday, August 7, 2019

talking about privilege

There's this funny thing about art.. I've drawn a curve really well, then tried to repeat it to match another part of the drawing, but the second curve never matches up at all! In storytelling and comedy, the same thing seems to happen. Below, you can see what I mean. On Thursday, August 8, I tried to repeat what happened just the night before. There was a different energy, and I was trying to "clean up" the material, so I'm not shocked at the differences, but more just fascinated that trying the same thing could come out so differently two nights in a row.

710 $how August 8, 2019

This is the second time I tried this material. I like parts of the first try better. You can see it below. It felt more natural, mainly. I do like the underlying idea, though, and you'll see this stuff again soon.

Vomity August 7, 2019

Had a decent set at Vomity here in Olympia on Aug 7, 2019. I talk about some privileges I enjoy, and some I am jealous of.

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